Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs…

September 15, 2008

With all the recent hub-bub about A-frames as well as the new story about the city adding a stop sign to Spofford Street, you would think we’d just about milked signs for all their worth. But a regular emailer sent me this photo today of a sign on the corner of Buck and Washington Streets, on the grass at Cushing Park. He asked a very simple question, one I could not answer, so I’m sending it out on the internet, perhaps one of the local city councilors (Ed Cameron or James Shanley, one with an interest in taking Cushing Park and making it a senior center, the other the ward representative) could answer this for us.

Does this sign have the necessary permits or city council approval to be placed on city property? After all, how would it look to all those downtown businesses who can’t have an A-frame down the street, if we as a city don’t obey our very own rules!

Further, i would imagine a permit must also be obtained to hold a yard sale on city property, so let’s pray that all our ducks are in a row!



  1. Yes, our ducks are in a neat row! We do have City Council permission for the yard sale, the proceeds of which are going to the City (the rail trail project). Thanks for showing our sign. We hope to see lots of shoppers on Saturday (rain date Sunday). Please consider this our personal invitation, Mr. X.

  2. Just to clarify for all my A-frame friends downtown, you also have the permits for the sign as well?

    (this will spare me several emails)

  3. They probably don’t have permits to post the signs. Did you consider calling the police? I am often tempted to call the police when I see minor infractions (people parked illegally usually) but maybe I should just post photos of illegally parked cars on a blog.

  4. it would probably be more effective…

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