September 8, 2008

I generally avoid posting about national politics, but i was reading the Newburyport Blog this morning and saw Mary’s post about Rep. Barney Franks take on Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin. I think Frank should be the last person questioning someone else’s family issues, after all, he is the same Rep. whose boyfriend was running a prostitution ring out of Frank’s D.C. home. If we were to judge Palin based on the mistakes her daughter has made, then Frank deserves equal judgment. People in glass houses….



  1. X, I don’t believe Barney Frank was responsible for his boyfriend, as a minor … as in, he did not raise him …

    Not that I agree with the whole it’s Palin’s fault that her daughter got preggers thing. That’s just not fair.

    And what about McCain dumping his wife after she wasn’t attractive anymore?

    They all need a glass house check, Republicans and Dems.

  2. He is responsible for what goes on in his home.

    also, what is the point of the McCain comment?

  3. Well, then, so is Sarah Palin … so they are equally “to blame” for “family” situations.

    Barney Frank, though, is not running for vice president, and I don’t believe he runs around claiming religious rectitude.

    I don’t think dumping your spouse just because s/he became unattractive is very family friendly. I’m sure McCain’s ex handled the double whammy of the accident and his desertion really well.

    I know people do it every day, but you opened the door …

  4. i don’t believe anyone brought up McCain until you did. If you tried to slip it in there to prove some kind of point, at least be upfront about it. My post was about people whose family life is questionable at best shouldn’t be calling out someone else’s family decisions.

  5. Ummmmm…not sure I get what you mean. To me, McCain’s family life is/was questionable. If I was trying to “slip” something in there, I would have chosen something totally different from the topic at hand. See, I’m not even doing it now – and you opened the door again.

  6. again, the issue was mary’s post about frank’s criticism of palin’s family life, it made no mention of mccain, not sure why you brought it up.

  7. Agreeing that people in glass houses … ? No hidden agenda, X, I promise. See ya around.

  8. Read it again, X. He isn’t talking about Palin’s ability to raise a family. He’s talking about her religious group, who applies harsh standards to everyone else, but when it comes to themselves, they look the other way. I think it’s a perfectly valid criticism. Do we really want a second-in-command that has a spiritually distorted view of their own flaws?

    Everyone makes mistakes and Palin can’t be held accountable for her dumb daughter. She can be held accountable for being spiritually retarded, however. An executive can’t just look the other way because something is uncomfortable.

  9. Obama had the courage to publicly confront a pastor who was working hard to sell his own book.

    Does Sarah Palin have the same courage? If she does, then I accept your criticism. Until she’s willing to disavow her relationship with an extremist right-wing church, she continues to be a threat to Christians and religious freedom everywhere.

  10. She left her church in 2002, before she ran for Governor. Obama defended his church until it became impossible to do so anymore and it was political suicide to keep doing so, well into the presidential race. That took a lot of courage.

    Good try though Kevin!

  11. I’m not sure why you think she left the church. She attends a different Assemblies of God congregation in Juneau. It’s the same denomination, and obviously she can’t just hop a plane back to Wasilla every Sunday, so it makes sense she would leave that congregation.

    Please check your facts, X.

  12. Wrong again Kevin…

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