A little birdie told me…

July 30, 2008

that the Kent St. Parking lot was full to the brim again for the road race. I didn’t see it myself, as i was holed up in the X cave, but i trust this particular birdie. Another mark against Ed Cameron’s plan.



  1. I am interested in learning what percentage of the runners are Newburyport, Amesbury, Salisbury, etc residents vs people who live more than 10 miles away. For local residents, driving is silly. For area residents, carpooling or the use of a shuttle is economically and environmentally friendly. For out-of-area residents, driving makes sense.

    I suggest focus on where the runners live, how they get to the event, and make changes for next year.

    I’ve run races before and rarely drove to an event myself but got rides with friends who watched me.

  2. its not the runners so much as the spectators. the runners for the most part park at the middle school.

  3. Well, then, the answer is simple: Spectators can’t park at the lot and the police can recruit graduates of the citizen police academy to serve as guardians of the lot to direct would-be spectators where to park, e.g. one of the elementary school lots or the pay lots run by the NRA

  4. why would anyone park in any of those lots when they could park a block away from the high school? if you close the lot, people will just park on the streets surrounding the high school, which they already do, further complicating the lack of parking in the neighborhood.

  5. Mr. X, your complaint is that people are parking in the Kent Street lot who spectate a road race and/or other events. So, if the end-goal is to move cars from there and put them somewhere else, where? I suggested other lots. You don’t like that suggestion and that’s fair, but where?

    Ultimately, it comes down to enforcement and manpower. If the city lacks the power of both due to limited funds and resources, then again I suggest volunteers.

  6. my complaint isn’t that people are parking in the lot, its that proponents of the site for use as a senior center claim the lot is abandoned all year except for snow storms, and obviously, it is not, further strengthening the argument of those that live in the neighborhood, whose voice was ignored, that it isn’t a good location to build the senior center.

    in addition, the lot was full last night for the fireworks, and I would imagine, will be full today for the parade.

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