Riverfest – The day after

July 14, 2008

Thank god that’s over, its like the fireworks times 10, all for a bunch of bands that aren’t even good. Anyway, guess which parking lot was full to capacity despite the lack of snow? Thats right, the Kent St. parking lot was so full in fact, that cars were parking on the grass, not to mention that Washington St. itself was lined with cars. Ed Cameron had better hope tourists don’t discover there is a parking lot there, seems people aren’t opposed to walking a mile to get downtown.



  1. Whoa, Newburyport holds a fireworks show? I haven’t lived here a full year yet, so when are the fireworks?

    I only caught the Blind Melon performance and those guys can rock. I incorrectly assumed the band wouldn’t be able to put on a show after Shannon Hoon died, but Travis Warren seems to be a worthy replacement.

  2. I think Yankee Homecoming includes fireworks. Of course, there seems to be a shortage of funds every year, with someone coming forward at the last minute to save the show.

    I live about 3 blocks from the concert site. I’ve been here almost 4 years. In that time, there hasn’t been a concert I would walk that far to hear. There have been many that would cause me to leave town if the sound carried this far.

  3. Well Ari,

    Welcome to Disneyland. I grew up around here and on Saturday, I avoided downtown like the proverbial plague.

    Downtown is not for locals anymore. It is a Chuck/Ann Lagasse and Steve Karp manufactured movie set designed to cater to wealthy yachters, nouveau riche new arrivals, and oh so trendy day trippers.

    I have friends who own shops who, despite the Disneyesque illusion that all is booming, have actualy had to choose between paying their mortgages/rents on their homesor the rents on their shops.

    And, if the triumverate of Chuck, Ann, and Steve have their way, that phenomenon is only going to grow.

  4. Hi,

    We’ll most of the people I know had a great time. we hhad a party up on the deck watching all the people. My friends business had their past day ever in sales. I’m not sure what people want downtown to be? a ghost town where there’s no one around. its a one day event, i think if you try you might actually be able to enjoy yourself.


  5. yeah but it’s not just one weekend, there is some kind of festival downtown nearly every weekend, they might not be as big as river fest, but still, it’s always something.

    let’s not kid ourselves and say this is about having fun things to do downtown, its about making money. there is no way they would have an act play on the waterfront that would cater to teens and young adults, even though that is what they should have going on down there.

  6. I’ve stayed in rural towns up and down the Appalachia and across the Rocky Mountains. Towns with year-round populations under 1,000. There’s always something going on, whether a cattle fair, a Little League baseball game, or a parade to show off the new shiny police cruiser.

    If those towns can hold events intended for their residents, not tourists like me passing through looking for a cheap motel with a vacancy sign (because they don’t have B&Bs or hotels), there’s a godsend of opportunities that Newburyporters should be thankful for.

  7. Hi,

    Its about making money?

    WOW, I never knew.

    As a SOCIALIST, i’m against making money.

    I was just having a good time. Little did I know i’m supporting CAPITALISM.


    (ps. If they had a band that would cater to teens then people would complain about all the kids causing problems and not spending money in the local stores (even though they have the most discretionary spending))

  8. thank you. you made my point. it isn’t about giving the community something to do, it’s about bringing tourists here to spend their money. It’s exactly the same as what has happened to yankee homecoming.

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