Quick thoughts on Newbury’s Little River Development

June 24, 2008

I know this is mainly a Newburyport blog, but I couldn’t help but throw my support behind Matt Kozazcki and other Newbury residents that oppose the development along Rt. 1. In a advertisement bought by Kozazcki in the Daily News, he laid out why a YES vote on the proposed development would be a bad idea and I have to say I agree with him. As Newburyporters, we’ve seen what these developments can do to your town, and the promise of increase tax revenues is never fulfilled. In fact its a joke. Don’t ruin Newbury for the sake of tax dollars, its like a dog chasing its tail, and you’ll never catch up to whatever proposed benefits the development promises. How fortunate that the town of Newbury has allowed the voters to decide the fate of this project, if only Newburyport could exercise a similar right in projects such as Waterside West. Don’t let Newbury go the way of Newburyport, protect what you have now, before its too late, because once the door is open to development, there is no stopping it.


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