No news is good news…

April 21, 2008

Another slow week around these parts, but this week is shaping up to have some local action.

As far as i can tell, Tuesday night is the vote (or perhaps the initial reading) of the proposed plan for a senior center at Cushing Park (better known as the Kent St. parking lot). From previous posts you can see where i stand on the issue, but there are those that insist this is the best place for the center. Of course, if you happened to read the letters to the editor today in the Newburyport Daily News then you may have seen the letter from George Roaf, who states that even the Seniors themselves do not want the senior center there. I concede that the poll he cites may not be completely accurate, it does state that 511 seniors interviewed are opposed to the location. I don’t know how many seniors there are in Newburyport, and i don’t know how many were asked, but I’m confident that the number represents a large portion. So at any rate, Tuesday will be an interesting night at City Hall.

And while you’re down there on Tuesday, pop in to the ZBA hearing and see what is to become of the beloved Clam Shack on Water Street. There is scheduled to be a hearing to determine its fate, whether it shall remain as is, or be improved to a single family home. I surely hope that the shack remains a shack, whether or not it has a toilet and a heating system. God knows the last thing we need is another monstrosity on the waterfront.

Other than that the weather looks great for the next few days so get out there and enjoy it. Those of you with dogs should take them to the beach while you’re still allowed too, and before it disappears into the ocean, and with school vacation, i’m sure there will be plenty of activity in the town parks.



  1. Before you attend the Cushing Park hearing, stop by Michael’s Harborside by 5 p.m. to see the mayor present the city’s first annual green awards to a resident, a business, a community organization, a school group, and a city department. It all wraps up by 6:30, just in time to run down the road to city hall.

  2. green awards? what has this world come to?

  3. We don’t have enough to do in running this city….now we make reasons to spend city time and money? How about an award for every problem solved that we face as a financially strapped city?
    I’m going (just to the parking lot) just to count the SUVs and Trucks there in hopes to receive an award!
    I’ll bet the ‘green’ awards will spend enough money, just tonight to feed more than several elders or homeless!

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