Just a quick thought…

February 27, 2008

This is something that i’m sure most of you out there will agree with me on. Last night I was unfortunately out driving in those horrible conditions, heavy snow fall, sloppy and very slippery roads. Several times I skidded a bit when turning or pulling out into traffic, and had a bit of trouble stopping without sliding a little. Not a big deal, but certainly it was the kind of night where you being as careful as possible. And then, while driving down high street there I came across, on separate occasions, joggers. Why on earth do people feel the need to be jogging on the busiest road in town in such terrible and dangerous conditions? Can’t they take a day off? Can’t the look out side and say, well, its probably not a good idea to be standing in the street tonight, i’ll make it up tomorrow when the roads are clear and the snow stops falling? Or at least have the common sense to run on the side streets where there isn’t nearly as much traffic? I would hate to see an accident happen because of these die hard exercisers, not so much for their sake, but for the poor person driving that would be involved. I would imagine that it would be the drivers fault, and it doesn’t seem right, not to mention that perhaps in trying to avoid the runner, the driver may get in an accident with another vehicle. I just don’t get it, and it bothers the hell out of me.



  1. I can’t relate with jogging in general and why one would do so in bad weather. Avoiding traffic is common sense; however, with all the snow we’ve been having even going out strolling, walking the dog or to walking to work can be hazardous. I attribute this to unshoveled sidewalks and drivers not taking pedestrians into account (even when the roads are clear.) I live on one of the busiest streets in town and rarely do folks observe the speed limit or appear to factor in braking distance when the weather’s bad. I assume most accidents that happen are caused by other cars and not pedestrians. Unlike you, I actually have the opposite reaction when I see people out when I’m driving in bad weather: I’m sort of grateful. I think “man, I better watch my speed and oh yeah, they’re wacko.” They amuse me. That said, it’s a shared responsibility for peds and cars to be aware of each other.

  2. Long ago I came to the conclusion that while jogging may be good for the heart it’s terrible for the brain, hence the propensity to jog in Friday night’s weather.

  3. I’ll tell you what bothers the hell out of me: bloggers who fail to check spelling before hitting SUBMIT.

    …withouth slidding a little…sepreate occasions…terrbile and dangerous condidtions…


    If you want your readers to seriously read your anonymous essays here, please try to fix spelling errors.

  4. sorry professor…

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