And so it begins

February 15, 2008

Blogs are all the rage now, and while this is not my first, it is the first that actually has some sort of direction and is not just just a random collection of debris from my brain. This blog will focus on issues surrounding my hometown of Newburyport, MA. This blog will feature my own personal opinions, my thoughts, and my feelings on what is happening around town, and as such, they may differ from your own. Keep that in mind, as it was your decision to visit the blog in the first place.

My favorite site to visit is Mary Baker-Eaton’s Newburyport Blog, a first class blog full of insight and opinion. However, I am not trying to mimic her site, mine will feature more of my personal views and probably less news (Mary has a knack of getting tips to larger stories, another reason to visit her blog daily).

Also, the reason I chose a nome de plume is my own, and there is nothing that will be said on this blog that I wouldn’t say to someone over a beer downtown.


One comment

  1. Congrats on the new blog. Would enjoy buying you that beer sometime.



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